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Marketing campaign email list database for agriculture and related industry. Reach decision makers with optimized campaigns.

InfoDataSphere empowers business-to-business marketers to stay ahead of the direct marketing competition by providing market insights. Our farmers database provides wide coverage for millions of agriculture professionals, which empowers your email marketing growth. With more than 30 demographic and regional selects, our cutting edge marketing solutions is fully customized for your need.

Considering American farmlands has one of the highest percentage of farmers, we make your business message sent out to remote farming communities across the nation with ease and affordability. We can tailor your email disposition to particular states, through filtered zip codes to cater to specific region.

Demand Generation

Unlock fresh insights and new prospects with our Agriculture Mailing Lists

Having a completely verified database of more than 3 million Farmers and Ranchers, our services can get you the precise data and records you need to market to the farm community, and to also connect with the right prospects for your business.

Whether your target is aimed at small Family Farms or larger Corporate Farm and Ranch ventures, we can help you effortlessly reach out to your choice using our guaranteed National Farm database.

Find the right prospects with our Agriculture Business Data

Why Choose Us?

The best of business owners out there know we offer the best in this industry. We simply provide you in-depth data on every verified record. This means that if you are looking for berry farmers in California, cattle ranchers with over a thousand head, or Texas corn farmers, you will get the precise data and record you earnestly desire.

Our company has the most comprehensive farm database on the marketplace for reaching out and connecting with Farmers and Ranchers all through America.

IDS Delivers Precision-Targeting

Rather than just sending out your message to farmers and ranchers that may or may not be qualified to engage or take advantage of your products, with IDS, you can precisely identify the right prospect who will be the best fit for your product or service offering.

Just allow InfoDataSphere do the job for you as it helps you get your sales message directly to those who really matter and that truly need your products/services. Go ahead and include IDS and Direct Mail to your Trade Show marketing plan & you will certainly boost your sales campaigns – maximizing success all year round. Do it now and watch your business GROW!

IDS and Direct Mail Helps Boost Your Trade Show Campaigns

During trade shows, your sales presentation is offered to one person at a time, so that you can conveniently sell one product per time. When you include direct mail to your trade show as one of your marketing approach, it allows you forward out tons of letters or brochures designed to help deliver your sales pitch to several prospective clients – all done simultaneously. Direct mail is simply one of the best marketing tools to utilize if you want to effortlessly optimize and maximize your time at trade shows. You can pre-set meetings and appointments and scale up big time.

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FAQ on Database

Our database are manually verified and through call center services every 90 days to ensure they provide maximum benefits and email opens. We rigorously check the data accuracy levels and apply data enrichment technology to clean the list and keep them ready-to-use.
The mailing list we compile strictly adhere to data policies. All our databases is maintained in accordance to the data protection according to CAN-SPAM Act. The CAN SPAM Act is a series of federal laws that must be followed by all email marketers.
We never promise 100% delivery accuracy, with the constant change in database information. But what we do, is that all hard bounces are replaced with clean data to replace the irrelevant ones and we called it Bounce-Back Guarantee.
We filter our selections by farmers with:
  • Crop
  • Acres
  • LiveStock
  • State
  • County

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